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How did Honeysuckle Hemp get to this point as a company?

One of our owners and founders is very active in state politics and a supporter and advocate for natural medicine. He was given the opportunity several years ago to try some really good CBD oil as a gift while attending and speaking at an event on the steps of the Alabama State Capitol. He was amazed at the pain relief helping his arthritis. Then he quickly noticed his sleep was better . CBD then became a family affair. Honeysuckle Hemp has lived the CBD and hemp life for years. That is why we were prepared with a game plan and ready to move forward and become Alabama's Original Dispensary and CBD store. We love this business and the natural medicine community. We are this weird family. We are so weird that we actually like using medicine that God created. Please note the sarcasm as sometimes you have to remind members of society--natural good----pharma bad---. Please note that in full disclosure our owner takes blood pressure and a sleep medication. The good news CBD knocked two other meds for arthritis and associated problems. So yes natural was able to replace pharma in those instances and for long term health that was great. Honeysuckle Hemp Co turned two years old on Jan. 14 of this year. We are honored to serve you. We hope that the product helps you. We just wanted you to know our story . We appreciate everything. We look forward to serving you

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