America's oldest hat maker has retooled their factory to make PPE. These mask are comfortable. They are made from 100% wool that we clean, card and felt for use in hat making. These can be machine washed and air dried. The two pack is offered so that while one mask is being cleaned then your other is ready to wear for your protection. They come in a variety of colors so you never know what color that you might get. That is also the fun in these mask. They are dependable and comfortable. And you are helping keep American workers employed. It is a win win. This factory makes the Chad Chig Martin line of hats and the workers at this factory are like family. Support American Made during difficult times. Orders will start shipping on Tuesday April 28, 2020. You cn pre order now and make sure to secure your masks. FREE SHIPPING DURING CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC 

Personal Protective Face Masks (Washable) Made in USA (PACK OF TWO)